# 6

WHEREAS, a petition bearing date of December 29, 1971, signed by upwards of sixty (60) citizens of Pine Township and of the vicinity of the Village of Alverda have requested the adoption of the within described strip of land as a township road and also an instrument entitled "Release of Property" executed by all of the owners of land adjacent to said strip of land at various dates in November and December of 1971, has likewise been delivered to the Supervisors of Pine Township; and

WHEREAS, after due consideration, it is the judgment of all of the Supervisors of the Township of Pine, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, that it is desirable that said strip be accepted as a township road.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby enacted as follows:
Section 1:  That said strip of land, as the same appears by survey of R. B. Shannon § Associates of February, 1972, be accepted and laid out as a township road of the Township of Pine, said right-of-way to consist of a strip 40 feet in width, the courses of the center line of said strip being as follows:
BEGINNING at a point in the center line of Township Road No. 610 (which is also known as Penn Avenue in the Village of Alverda) looted North 22° 28' West 306.15 feet from the center of L.R. 32135; thence South 51° 18' East 100 feet to a point, South 64° 59' East 50 feet to a point, South 71° 33' East 50 feet to a point, South 81° 50' East 50 feet to a point, South 86° 12' East 50 feet to a point and North 80° 57' East 99 feet to a point in the center line of L. R. 32135 (also designated as Route 553) some distance to the East of Township Road No. 610.

Section 2:  That there be attached hereto and made a part of this Ordinance copies of the instruments mentioned herein, that is the "Petition to Construct and Maintain New Roads", the "Release of Property" and the survey showing the location and dimensions of said right-of-way; and further, in keeping with the provisions of Section 1140 of the Second Class Township Code, as amended, a copy of this Ordinance with its attachments be filed with the Office of the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Indiana County, Pennsylvania (formerly Court of Quarter Session for entry in its Road Docket.

ORDAINED AND ENACTED into law this 7th day of August, 1972.