All streets, roads, drainage facilities and subdivisions hereinafter laid out, opened or dedicated in the Township of Pine, shall conform to the provisions of this ordinance which is adopted pursuant to Section 1140.1 of the Second Class Township Code.

SECTION I:  Streets
The street layout shall conform to the plan adopted by the Pine Township Supervisors for the development of the neighborhood in which the proposed plan is located and shall provide access to all lots and parcels of land within the plan.  No offsets shall be created by cross-streets.
The arrangements of streets shall make provision for the direct continuation of the principal existing streets in any adjoining plan or their projection when adjoining property is not subdivided insofar as they may be necessary for the public requirements.  In general, such streets shall be of a width at least as great as the existing streets, and in no case less than the minimum requirement specified herein.
When the plan submitted for consideration covers only a part of the subdivider's tract, a sketch of the prospective future street system of the entire tract shall also be submitted.
In general, streets shall not be constructed on the boundaries of the tract except where such streets are desirable for further expansion or conformance to existing streets or where a previously dedicated half-street adjoins the tract in which case sufficient additional width of street shall be dedicated to make the street width conform to the minimum requirements specified herein.
Proposed streets shall be adjusted to the contour of the land so as to produce usable lots and streets of reasonable gradient.

SECTION II: Intersections
In general, streets shall intersect at right angles unless specifically approved by the Township Supervisors.  No more than two (2) streets shall intersect at one (1) point. 

The land shall be subdivided such that each lot shall have adequate access to public streets.  Each system of streets shall connect to existing public streets or highway at the Township Supervisors discretion.

SECTION IV:  Pavement and Right-of-Way Widths
Minimum street right-of-way shall be fifty,(50)feet for minor streets and shall be measured from the lot lines.
Minimum pavement width shall be eighteen (18) feet with shoulders five (5) feet wide on both sides of the pavement. Pavement and Tights-of-way drainage shall be as determined by the Township Supervisors.

SECTION V:  Grades
The maximum street grade shall be determined by the Township Supervisors.  The minimum grade on any gutter, channel, ditch or swale shall be not less than one-half of one percent (0,5 percent).

SECTION VI: Minimum Pavement Construction Requirement
Streets shall be graded, surfaced and improved according to the following requirements and the grades and dimensions shown on the plans submitted by the subdivider and approved by the Township Supervisors.
The sub-base shall be thoroughly compacted and be approved by the Township Supervisors before the material for the base course is deposited.
The base course shall be constructed of stone at least five (5) inches in thickness and nineteen (19) feet in width.  It shall be rolled and compacted as directed by the Township Super¬visors.  The material shall be grade A commercial stone, slag or gravel meeting the grading and materials requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 1973 Specifications and approved by the Township Supervisors.
The wearing course shall be placed on the base course and shall be a surface treatment of stone and asphalt consisting of not less than seventy (70) pounds of stone and one (1) gallon of asphalt per square yard placed in three (3) applications as directed by the Township Supervisors.

SECTION VII:  Application for Construction
The subdivider shall include four (4) copies of the subdivi¬sion plan with his application.  The plan shall show at least the following:
a.Names:  The name of the proposed subdivision with names of the owner, sponsor or trustees, and surveyor shall be shown.
b.Date.  Date of Preparation and a proper north sign shall be shown.
c.Scale:  The plat shall be drawn to the scale of not smaller than fifty (50) feet to one (1) inch and shall include a graphic scale,
d.Municipal Boundaries:  All corporate boundary lines within or adjacent to the proposed subdivision shall be shown and desi¬gnated.
e.Acreage:  The acreage of land proposed to be subdivided shall be shown.
f.Contours:  Contours at vertical intervals of two C2) feet if the general slope of the site is less than ten percent (.10%) and at vertical             intervals of five (5) feet if the general slope is greater than ten percent (10%) .
g.Dimensions:  All necessary dimensions both linear and angular shall be shown.  Linear dimensions shall be shown in feet and decimals           of a foot.
h. Boundaries and Physical Features:  The plan shall show the boundaries of the property to be subdivided, section and half-section lines,           railroads, existing permanent buildings, water courses and other existing features pertinent to proper subdivision.
i. Description:  The plan shall set forth all the streets, alleys, common or public grounds, and all the tract, parcels, lots or blocks and           designating all such lots, blocks or parcels by proper and sufficient dimensions and identifications.
j. Streets:  The width of street pavements and right-of-ways (with their names) within the subdivision, and the widths and names of streets in           the property immediately adjacent, shall be correctly shown.

k. Utilities:  Existing sewer lines and drainage structures with size, direction of flow and invert elevations, the location and size of water supply lines, and the location of utility lines existing in the proposed subdivision or at the points from which they will be extended to reach the subdivision, shall be shown, A preliminary plan of proposed water supply system, sanitary and storm water sewers, with invert grades, size of pipe, and direction of flow, shall be required, where applicable.
1.  Profiles.  The Township Supervisors shall require, where applicable, profiles showing proposed street grades, including extensions for a reasonable distance beyond the limit of the proposed subdivision.

The construction of streets and drainage facilities etc. including materials, methods, and incidental items shall be subject to the approval of the Township Supervisors.  Final answers to any questions concerning materials, methods and or incidental items not contained in this ordinance shall be furnished exclusively by the Township Supervisors.  No street will be accepted as part of the Township road system unless it has been submitted and approved by the Township Supervisors and meets the standards contained in this Ordinance.

••DULY ENACTED this 7th day of November, 1977".

Sara Hagens, Sec/Treasurer    Steve Beilchick

Alfred Adams

Sam Mariskanish