​Pine Township Veteran Banners

Banners to honor past and present members of the Armed Forces can be purchased at:
ACS Sales & Service LLC
2402 Bigler Ave, Northern Cambria, PA 15714
814-948-8899 or 814-948-7871
Paul Miller email: paulwbm606@gmail.com

Banner kit includes
Banner -24” x 48” colored, double sided. Each banner will last 3 to 5 years.
Single bracket for pole
Cost per banner kit: $150 + tax

You will need a photo of your veteran along with the following information to place your order at 

                                                                            Veteran’s name: ______________________________________________

                                                                            Branch of Service: ____________________________________________

                                                                            Era: _______________________________________________________

                                                                            Eras:     Global War on Terror (Sept 22, 2001-Present)
                                                                                           Persian Gulf War (Aug 22, 1990-August 31, 1991)
                                                                                           Cold War (Sept 2, 1945-Dec 26, 1991)
                                                                                           Vietnam Conflict (Feb 28, 1962-Nov 7, 1975)
                                                                                           Korean War (June 27,1950-Jan 31, 1955)
                                                                                           WWII (Dec 7, 1941-Dec 31, 1946)
                                                                                           WWI (Apr 6, 1917-Nov 11, 1918)
                                                                                           Spanish American War (Apr 1898-Aug 1898)
                                                                                           Civil War (1861-1865)

                                                                            Township Area: _______________________________________________

​The township will install the banners throughout the township. When you receive your banner, contact the
 township @ 814-948-4480 to drop off and let them know the pole location where you would like your banner
 installed. Banners will be displayed for Memorial Day and taken down after Veterans Day. Banners can be
 stored at the township building.