Do I need a building permit?
The best answer to this is yes.  Pine Township has handed over the permit process to Indiana County.   There are certain exemptions but with most construction you will need a building permit. The best thing to do is contact them and ask. Here is the contact information:
Indiana County Office of Planning and Development
801 Water Street,  Indiana,  PA  15701  
Phone 724-465-3870  Fax 724-465-3150.

What is the physical address and the mailing address of Pine Township? Pine Township, 6410 Route 403 Hwy North, 
PO Box 89 Heilwood, PA  15745

How do I get a Road Bond?
Contact the office.  The Unlimited Road Bond is $65 plus $6000 per mile bond.  

Where do I mail a lein letter request?
Municipal lein letters:   Pine Township, PO Box 89, Heilwood, PA  15745  Fee: $10 
When is Spring Clean Up? Trick or Treat?
Check the announcement page.  Information will be posted the day after the meeting.

When are the meetings?
The Pine Township Board of Supervisors meet the first Monday of each month at 7:00PM at the Pine Township Municipal Building, Heilwood, PA.  If the first Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be held the following day.  

What do I do if I wish to speak on a spefic topic? 
If you are a township resident you may speak at any meeting.  
If you are not and wish to speak, please notify the secretary  at 
814-948-4480 as early as possible, but no later than the Friday
prior to the meeting. You will be added as a guest speaker.