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EMS Crisis – locally and nationally

EMS agencies locally and nationally are suffering from insufficient revenue and rising costs
Voluntary membership lacks community participation
Insurance covers part of the cost, not the entire cost, of being staffed, equipped and ready to respond
Cost increases to maintain services (staff, benefits equipment, training) are not able to be maintained

Indiana County is facing the impact of the crisis
Memberships along with donations and grants helped Citizens’ stay afloat for the past few years. 
  That is no longer the case.

Municipalities are responsible for providing emergency services by state law

Framework for a New Municipal Emergency Services Authority

Project Goals
By working with existing partners, community members and business leaders, build a strong coalition to create a          municipal-led countywide solution
To fund and manage emergency services on a long-term, sustainable basis
Promote emergency services locally as a professional career path through recruitment, training, professional                development, competitive compensation, and comprehensive benefit programs

Long-term Solution: Countywide Municipal Emergency Services Authority
  (All 38 municipalities in the county were invited to participate)

Proposed Authority Governance
County plus 8 districts each having a Board seat and ability to direct the appointment of the 11 board members
  (2 members at large)
Each district contributes to management of the Authority through a district member-led subcommittee
  (District 4: Pine Twp, Cherryhill Twp, Green Twp, Cherry Tree Borough, Clymer Borough)

Services to be provided
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Life Support, Immediate Response Personnel, Critical Care
Inter-facility BLS and ALS
Community engagement, community education and BLS training

Benefits for Residents and Businesses
24/7 readiness to respond to 911 EMS calls
No residual bills for EMS services if insurance pays
Accessible local leadership
Public meeting and transparency

Annual Fee and Collection
An annual fee charged directly to property owners will fund operations and 24/7 readiness to respond

​The annual fee has not yet been determined. It depends on how many municipalities are on board to participate. 
This amount is not expected to be more than what you might spend taking your significant other out for a nice dinner.  
What value do you place on your or a loved one’s life?

This is going to be a slow process. There will be a point when public meetings are to take place to answer any questions. We will provide you with a meeting date and time when it has been determined. You are welcome to attend the supervisor’s monthly meetings to receive updates.

April 2024: The number of municipalities that have desire to move forward is 37 out of 38.
May 2024: Individual districts are holding meetings to decide on a district representative to serve on the board.
June 2024: Jeff Gromley was chosen to serve on the board as the district 4 representative.